Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Why I Heart Margarine

I remember running around the playground with him, laughing and screaming at the top of my lungs. I remember making ice cream sundaes with him and always stealing the cherry from his bowl. I remember him teaching me how to play gin rummy and how he always used to let me win.

Growing up, my grandfather lived in Florida and loved having his grandchildren make the trip from Texas to come visit him. We always spent a week of our summers there. The days were filled with fun, laughter and lots of food. My grandmother had a penchant for cooking southern foods and no meal was complete without something fried or battered. She was an amazing cook and my grandfather showed his love for her by always cleaning his plate.

Years of eating poorly combined with a lack of exercise led to my grandfather being diagnosed with heart disease. He had high cholesterol and was moderately overweight. His doctor told him if he didn’t make some major adjustments that he would die.

In an instant everything changed and he took immediate action. Out went the fried chicken, bacon and fatty meats. In came the fruits, vegetables, fish and margarine. My grandparents adopted a complete different way of eating. My grandfather adopted heart healthy lifestyle habits, lost the weight and felt better than ever.

Today, he still loves to eat but does so in moderation. Margarine has become a huge part of his life as well as in my life. It tastes great, is low in saturated fat and can be a part of an overall healthy diet. I’m proud to work in nutrition and to work with the National Margarine Manufacturers because it’s something both my grandfather and I truly believe in.

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