Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A "Margarine" Made in Heaven

Well, have I got a story for hopeless romantics! According to this BBC article, a couple recently celebrated their diamond anniversary (60 years). That in itself is amazing but listen to how they met – through a tub of margarine!

According to the article, Bette Kennedy was 16 and working at a margarine factory when she slipped her name and address into tubs destined for British forces, hoping for a reply. Her future husband, Herbie Reynolds, was on a board a minesweeper and the cook found the note from Bette and persuaded Herbie to make contact with her.

The two began communicating regularly and finally set up a place to meet. They met, fell in love and eventually married.

"It was a bit like a message in a bottle - it could have ended up anywhere. Maybe it was fate but I was a very lucky man," says Herbie.

Ahh, margarine really is good for the heart!

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