Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Winter Cravings

I’m taking a break from margarine news today to discuss my winter cravings. Yes, I did just say (or write) winter cravings. You see, in the winter when it’s frigid outside, I crave a handful of foods constantly. I suppose it’s the same for many people – in the summer, I want fruits and veggies while in the winter I want warm and hearty foods. Below is my list of favorite winter foods:

Soups and Stews: This is a typical winter craving. Beef stew is one of my all-time favorite foods but I just don’t feel right eating it during the summer. It’s kind of like eating a popsicle during the winter – odd. I also love chicken noodle soup, minestrone soup and your basic vegetable soup. Stews and soups are great ways incorporate vegetables into your diet during the winter when the produce isn’t as good.

Mashed Potatoes: I know this is a weird thing to crave during the winter but mashed potatoes remind me of Thanksgiving. My cravings for mashed potatoes start around November 1st and don’t let up until the end of February. I love adding shredded smoked gouda or some sharp cheddar cheese to the potatoes for a little extra kick. Also, you can feel good about adding margarine to your potatoes rather than butter and reducing the saturated fat in this yummy food.

Steak: Another really strange thing to crave during the winter but I love a good steak when it gets cold. During the summer, my appetite wanes and I usually prefer a salad or something light for dinner. But in the winter, I love nothing more than a delicious steak. And, it’s a great way to get some protein in the diet!

Tea: I’m not a tea drinker. I am a fanatical coffee drinker and will refuse to pull myself out of bed in the morning without it. But something happens during the winter. At night, it’s comforting to curl up with a good book and a piping hot mug of tea. I sweeten mine with a low-calorie sweetener (Equal or Splenda) and a little milk. Some prefer to use lemon juice.

So there’s my list of winter cravings. What do you crave?

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