Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pfizer Stops Clinical Trial Experimental Cholesterol Drug

Yesterday was a somewhat disappointing day for those with high cholesterol. A new drug, torcetrapib, which was undergoing clinical trial, was found to be causing “a disproportionately large number of deaths and cardiovascular problems among patients receiving the drug,” according to HealthDay. Pfizer announced that an independent board had recommended the clinical trial be stopped.

“It’s big news.” Said Dr. Daniel Fisher, clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine. “This was going to be a blockbuster drug because it represented a new form of treatment – raising HDL cholesterol significantly. It had a lot of promise to it. Heart disease is the number one killer,” Fisher explained.

Unlike other cholesterol drugs, which lower the bad LDL cholesterol in the body, this drug would have raised the good HDL cholesterol.

Until a new drug is developed, Pfizer’ Lipitor will likely continue to be the most popular cholesterol drug on the market.

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