Monday, January 08, 2007

Eating Healthy Can Equal Fun

I was reading an article yesterday about eating healthy in the New Year and something the author really hit me, “Who says healthy eating can’t be fun?”

When most people (myself included) think of healthy eating, we think of bland-tasting foods that contain a lack of sustenance. While this may be true for “healthy” foods of the past, the nutritious foods in grocery stores today are often delicious and full of flavor.

I really think it’s about making a few simple changes every couple of months and over time, one can develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

When I switched from butter to margarine, I thought my body would be confused and would freak out. Instead, I began to feel better and look better. By making this simple change, I’m reducing my risk for heart disease and ensuring my future children will have a mother around for a long time. It might be a depressing, morbid thought but heart disease runs in my family and I’ve got to be realistic. Heart disease kills.

So, in the New Year I’m not only going to focus on eating healthier but I’m going to make a sincere effort to have fun while doing so. After all, life’s not worth doing if you can’t have fun.

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