Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Soggy Disposition

I really do love the spring but I’ve got to say that all of this pollen is for the birds…or for the bees I guess. I have been a total grouch at work this week and I think people are ready to call mutiny.

Let me explain. I’m one of those people that needs their eight hours of sleep every night, must eat properly and exercise on a regular basis. Yes, one of the reasons is to maintain the all-important heart health but the other is so that I don’t rage like a total psychopath.

One misstep from my routine and my whole body is thrown off. I haven’t been sleeping well due to my allergies and in turn, haven’t been able to get up and exercise in the mornings. This leads to poor eating habits, which in turn, creates a monster. I yell at people who don’t deserve it, I’m not as productive at work and my head pounds like there’s a little elf with a hammer inside of it all day long.

In order to try to combat my foul mood I made sure to allot plenty of quality sleeping time last night. Luckily, the pollen was a bit better and I finally had the energy to get my lazy body out of bed to exercise this morning. For breakfast, I had a sesame bagel with margarine and low fat cream cheese topped with slices of fresh tomato. It was scrumptious and heart healthy!

Starting today I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself and get up and do something about my soggy disposition.

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