Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Margarine Nightmare

Okay don’t make fun of me now. I had a dream about margarine last night. I know I know, I must be a pretty lame person if all I’ve got to dream about is margarine. Well, even though you don’t know me, you’re just going to have to take my word that I’m actually a pretty decent person who does have a life beyond that of margarine.

In my dream I was at a restaurant about to eat a delicious stack of hot pancakes. You could see the steam rising up from the pancakes and they smelled scrumptious. Side note, I didn’t know that you could smell things in your dream but apparently in my dreams you can.

Anyways, I always spread my pancakes wit a generous portion of margarine and then immerse them in syrup. I need lots of syrup or they don’t taste right.

Well much to my dismay there was no margarine to be found. Sure, there was loads of butter on the table but butter is bad for your health and margarine can be a good for you as long as it’s part of an overall healthy diet.

I asked and asked the waiter for margarine but he said they didn’t have any and that they had ran out. I had to eat my pancakes without margarine? AHHH!! It was at that second that I awoke from my horrible nightmare. As I write this I’m sitting at my table eating pancakes covered in maple syrup and of course…margarine.

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