Monday, July 02, 2007

Welcome to the Jungle

This blog post is going to be fairly quick today as I’m at work, trying to prepare for the four-day week. Actually, the next three weeks of July will be 4-day weeks for me due to a few quick vacations so I’m pretty pumped.

You know what I’m not pumped about? The air conditioning in my building at work must be on the fritz because it is sweltering in here. People are sweating, grumpy and falling asleep at their desks because of the devilish heat in my office.

There are should be an employee Bill of Rights and one of the items should be the right to go home when your office is a sweltering jungle.

I’m trying so hard to get work done but it seems as though every time I try to move, my shirt gets stuck to my back and my jeans feel like garbage bags suctioned to my legs. People it is hot in here and it’s not just my gorgeous looks that are bringing on the heat!

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