Friday, August 24, 2007

Movin' On Up

I’m moving! Technically speaking I’m only moving about ten minutes away from where I currently live but it will feel like miles away.

My three roommates (count ‘em – three) and I will be moving into a deliciously beautiful house in the Virginia Highlands area in just a few short weeks. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Virginia Highlands, it’s a great part of Atlanta filled with eclectic shops, quaint restaurants and hopping bars. Technically there are six parts, or “villages” in Virginia Highlands, each with its own personality. It’s my favorite area of Atlanta and I’m delighted to be moving there.

After I got over the pure glee of moving, I suddenly remembered something – I abhor moving!!! I hate packing up the loads of crap I’ve accumulated in the past couple of years, dealing with movers, the hard labor and the general pain in the butt process it takes moving into a new place.

So while I’m still excited about my soon-to-be new home I’m dreading all of the miserable details in between. These are the times I wish I was still in college where a simple call to Mom and Dad would remedy the problem. They would be over here in a jiffy for fear that I would mess something up if left to my own devices, which was a completely rational fear for them to have.

This time around they’ve offered to help – at a distance. They will offer insight, advice and listen to me moan and groan but they won’t be lifting a finger. Sigh…

Updates soon to come.

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