Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Margarine - is it healthier than butter?"

I’m desperately trying to become more technically savvy but it’s not easy. There’s so many different tools on the Internet today that I just can’t seem to keep up. I thought having a blog might help my “techy skills” and it has a little bit, but certainly not enough.

I’m very proud of myself though because I listened to a Podcast today. My very first Podcast and it was all about margarine and eating heart healthy. The Podcast was from the Mayo Clinic and was entitled, “Margarine – is it healthier than butter?” The registered dietitian from the Mayo Clinic, Katherine Zeratsky, stated,

“Quite generally speaking, margarine is the better choice…Now with the many choices of different margarines, they have made the margarines contain less trans fat, and therefore there are some better choices out there.”

If you are interested, the Podcast is available here:

Unrelated Side Note: I'm moving into my new house on Saturday and I've discovered packing is the most miserable thing in the world!

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