Monday, May 12, 2008

My New York Minute

I’m back!! Did you miss me? Of course you did.

The trip to NYC was absolutely amazing, just as expected. I must say though, New Yorkers really do a lot of walking! Even with all of the delicious goodies I was eating such as pizza, Chinese food, pastries, etc. I still don’t think I gained my usual five-pound vacation weight.

If any of you have not yet been I’d like to take this blog entry to encourage you to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, better known as MoMA, in New York. This is by far on of the most stunning museums I have ever been to. The work of artists such as Salvador Dalí and Vincent Gogh are displayed everywhere and some of the exhibits take up an entire wall – it is astounding. Really, if you haven’t been, you must go.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I’ve got a super yummy recipe (made with my super yummy margarine!) on tap for later this week so be sure to tune in.

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