Thursday, July 03, 2008

Staying Slim During 4th of July

Happy almost 4th of July! I hope everyone's got something fun planned for this weekend. My big problem on holiday weekends is always the extra calories I consume between the hot dogs, hamburgers, desserts and refreshing beverages. Here are a few helpful tips to keep your holiday weekend light without skimping on fun!

1. Use leaner cuts of meat, ground turkey or wild Pacific salmon.
2. Cut the bread. Lettuce wrap your burgers instead.
3. Grill vegetables or vegetable kabobs
4. Use mustard instead of mayonnaise.
5. Prepare fresh green salads and fruit salad instead of macaroni salad, creamy coleslaw, and potato salad.
6. Eat your corn on the cob or baked potato plain. Enjoy their natural flavors.
7. Put out a veggie tray and use mashed up avocado for dipping instead of ranch dressing.
8. Drink water, diet soda, low-calorie flavored waters or unsweetened iced tea instead of high calorie drinks.
9. Eat until you are satisfied and not over full. The 4th of July is a social experience, not a food orgy.
10. Add fun activities into the mix. Think sack race, three legged race, and balloon toss. These activities are an excellent way to burn calories while having fun.

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