Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Burger Ban Bombs in My Book

Trying saying that headline five times quickly!

I thought this news story was rather interesting and I’m curious to know what others think. In light of the childhood obesity epidemic, San Jose, CA, is considering imposing a one-year moratorium on new fast food restaurants in the area, citing the claim that it is the fast-food establishments that are significantly contributing to childhood obesity rates.

However, the California Restaurant Association has different sentiments, “We just feel that banning one type of restaurant . . . is not the answer to a healthy California," said Lara Diaz Dunbar, the association spokeswoman.

I tend to agree. Banning one kind of food will not only do absolutely nothing to solve the problem, it will make children only want more of this mysterious, forbidden type of food. Instead, and of course this is only my opinion, we should focus on teaching kids to eat in moderation and incorporate all foods into a healthy eating plan.

Anyways, I just thought this was an unusual and controversial approach to solve our “weighty” problems here in the States. What do you think?

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