Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Aftermath of Gustav

While I temporarily reside in Houston, TX until my pending move to New York City, I have once again had the unfortunate opportunity to experience the dreaded hurricane season preparation. While Americans around the country were enjoying the Labor Day weekend with barbecues, boat rides and picnics, people in the Gulf Coast region were boarding up houses, stocking up on supplies and even evacuating to other parts of the country.

Houma, LA, the town that Hurricane Gustav hit the hardest, won’t have power or electricity for weeks at the earliest. Citizens of New Orleans waited in line for gas for five to six hours this week as they made the trek back home. There are people who reside in Louisiana that have no idea what condition their homes are in and won’t know for some time now as they aren’t allowed back to their towns until notified.

Once these people are finally able to return home, the cost of damages will be considerable. In addition, with no power, the food in their refrigerators will have gone bad and that will need to be replaced. Many of these people don’t have the money for such astronomical, unplanned costs.

Please help out your fellow Americans and visit This is a reputable organization where you can feel safe and secure donating money to.

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