Monday, January 05, 2009

Help Make Someone's Day

Haaaaaaappy New Year!!! Welcome back people. It's 2009 and I'm ready to do some major blogging this year.

I was talking to a friend the other day that was recently laid off. Understandably so, she's down in the dumps in a major way. Poor thing is living off her savings and has no idea when she'll be able to find a new job. Times are tough for many, many people out there.

Why not make 2009 the year we all stop focusing so much on ourselves and do a little good for others? Is a coworker struggling? Offer to buy them lunch. See a senior citizen lugging bags at the stop. Help them and lend a hand (or two).

During a recession it's easy to wallow in our own misery and think about what could have been. That will do ya absolutely nothing. Get off your butt and go make the world just a little bit brighter. I think you'll find that after doing so, your own situation won't seem so bleak.

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