Monday, February 23, 2009

Fight the flu

Wow, I feel like I'm back from the dead. After almost a week of sitting in bed, miserable and tortured, I can finally say the flu has passed. I'd recommend giving criminals the flu virus as some sort of capitol punishment.

Anyways, this week will be one of relaxation and recuperation. Below are a few steps to avoid the misery I went through:

Get the flu vaccine! Either the shot or the nasal spray if you are eligible.

To help boost your immune system, get plenty of rest, exercise, and eat properly.

Stay home from work or school if you experience flu symptoms. Taking it easy could help you feel better sooner and also will slow the spread of disease to others.

If you think you have been exposed to someone with flu, or are starting to have flu symptoms, call your health care provider. Certain medications can help if you start taking them within the first 48 hours.

To reduce the spread of germs, cover your nose and mouth, preferably with disposable tissue, when coughing or sneezing. Always discard used tissue properly in the trash.

Pay attention to hand-washing. After using the bathroom, before eating and before and after preparing food, clean your hands with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds. Carry a waterless hand gel and wash your hands frequently.

Clean surfaces you touch frequently, such as door knobs, water faucets, refrigerator handles and telephones.

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