Thursday, December 03, 2009

Soft Margarine vs. Butter? The Choice is Simple

An article from the Statesman-Journal recently described the debate of margarine vs. butter as ongoing and inconclusive. What?!!!! I think not.

The article is actually a pretty good one, noting that soft margarines contain less saturated fat and have less trans fat than they used to. However, the author later indicates that the trans fat found in butter is more beneficial to one's health than the minuscule amount of trans fat found in some buttery spreads because the trans fat in butter is natural.

I can understand the confusion when so many health experts out there tell you to do this and then the next expert comes out and says, "No, do this instead."

Scientific studies have proven time and time again that saturated fat is BAD. I'm talking artery-clogging, heart attack bad. Soft margarine products have much less saturated fat than butter.

It's pretty folks, go for the margarine you find in the tub.

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