Thursday, August 05, 2010

Stress eating

My fiance and I are preparing for a somewhat unexpected, slighlt rushed move to the great city of Austin. With the pressure of my job ramping up, planning a wedding and this move, I can admit I've been more than a little stressed.

When Emma is stressed, Emma eats...and eats...and eats. I can't stop eating people! Foods I normally wouldn't give a second look have suddenly become as enticing as chocolate to me. What gives?

Do you stress eat? If not, how do you deal with stress?


translation services said...

People think that if they are under stress they would eat more so that they can divert their mind to other areas as well as can have some what relief.But its all depend upon the Human mind cause this does not suits to every one also thsi habit.

Emma said...

Such a good point!