Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tips for Cooking and Baking with Soft Spread Margarine

Here are some tips for cooking & baking with soft spread margarine, courtesy of www.butteryspreads.org

Use the following guidelines when selecting a soft spread margarine product (also know as buttery spreads) for use in a favorite recipe:

◦Spreads with 60% or more oil can be used almost anywhere butter or margarine is specified. (Spreads are not recommended for baked goods that require precise amounts of fat and moisture, such as pastry crusts, unless a recipe has been developed specifically for that purpose.)

◦Spreads with 50-59% oil also work well for most cooking applications, including sautéing, in addition to topping and spreading.

◦Spreads with 49% or less oil should be used only for spreading, topping and adding flavor to recipes. They are not designed for baking and frying.

◦The lower the oil content (% oil), the less fat there is in the product. Because fat contributes texture and browning properties to foods, spreads with a lower amount of fat may not perform in the same way as traditional stick margarine or butter.

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