Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Picture this: Chocolate + Yoga

Now that the title of this blog post has your attention, let me tell you the good news! There is indeed such a thing as CHOCOLATE YOGA.  A woman’s dream come true, right? I’d have to agree with you on that.

I first came across this article while browsing through Twitter one evening. I’ll admit that I did a double take. You don’t normally come across the words “yoga” and “chocolate” together. When I picture yoga, I see sweaty woman holding intense poses while trying not to pass out (maybe that’s just me). I’ll admit that I’ve gotten better at it, but eating chocolate during the session?! This I head to read about.

"The chocolate associated with this type of yoga practice is of the highest quality, find and exotic so that the flavors stand out and intensify the experience.. After the yoga class is concluded different types of chocolate are introduced while you are still on your mat to immediately deepen the sensation."

If this sounds like heaven to you, check out the article I saw here.

And if you try this type of yoga, PLEASE let me know how it goes. 

Thanks! (and good luck)

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